January 18, 2009

Just got into the bahamas last night at 8pm. Im sitting here enjoying the immaculate weather on my balcony as I type this. As I look out I see brilliant blue ocean and green life everywhere. Such a change from Iowa. I have too much going on to blog right now. My hotel is like its own country, it took 15 years to build and has the largest outdoor aquarium in the US(world maybe cant remember). I have to go check that out. Ill hopefully get some good pics to post later today. Just giving everyone a heads up that I made it down here alive and am living the life right now.


2 Responses to “Bahamas”

  1. dad said

    We didn’t think your bags would make it on the tight connections from Florida. Mom was up by 5 AM worrying. She tried to reassure herself that it is just like college only more chaperoned… Ha Ha.

  2. mom said

    Yeah!! You are there. Sounds too cool. Glad the roommates are working out. Did you have anyone to split the taxi ride with from the airport? I heard it was an expensive taxi ride from airport to the hotel.

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