Quick Update

January 30, 2009

Celebrating my 22nd birthday tonight in Spain. I have less than 5 minutes before I need to head out so ill make this real brief. My life has been a frenzy of sightseeing and traveling over the past few days. We only have two days in Barcelona so we are making the most of it. Sadly we are already leaving tomorow morning at 8 am to head back to the ship. The nightlife goes so late here. I barely slept last night and expect the same for tonight.

I am dead tired from constant exploration around here. We went to a soccer game last night then saw all of Gaudi´s architecture today. I’ve seen and done so many amazing things in such a short period of time. More details will be coming. I have taken about 200 pictures and many videos since ive been here. Unfortunatly I dont have my laptop here in Barcelona and my friends wont work with the foreign outlets…so still no uploading them. Trust me im trying. Probably not for a 2-3 days though. Little upset but I have no time to even think about it. Needa run out, hope everything is well with all of you. Adios from Espana!


6 Responses to “Quick Update”

  1. Mom said

    Hey Alec,
    Any where I go, everyone wants to know about you and your trip. Seems to be a hot topic at Elmcrest and work. I was suprised and saddened when I missed your call over lunch time on my birthday. But it was good to hear your voice on the phone later that night. Just make sure the friends connect via e-mail due to $$. I told dad that it was part of my birthday present to talk with you. I got a full spa treatment, also. Yea, I am spoiled. Gabe and Em are making me a special dinner next week. Just keep on spoiling me.
    The blogs are fun. We just keep waiting for the hot news from Spain. I remember how beautiful and historic everything was when we were there. Walking down the narrow sidestreets (Dad and I even drove down those cobblestone streets)made you appreciate how much history has taken place there. It was humbling.

    Happy 22nd Birthday in Spain


  2. Gobe said

    Happy Birthday!!!! i wish i could go to all the places ur going but, it sounds like ur having fun. oh and who/what is Gaudi?

  3. Emily said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 🙂 i am soo jealous!!!!

  4. dad said

    I get to be the last to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now we know Gaudi and his gawdy and “God”dy architecture.

  5. Fran said

    I just got through sending you a blog and just as I was ending it, it diappeared from the screen. Hope it made its way to you. Grandpa

    Grandma says that with all the frenzy of celebrating, when do you have time for blogging? She remembers Morocco as a place of mystery and intrigue and dirty camels.

    Enjoy solid ground before your ocean life commenses. Hawkeys lost to Ill 62-54

  6. Chelsea Eggers said

    Hey Alec, Sounds like you’re haveing a blast. I’m jealous and wish I could be there. I’m glad youreally seem to be takign everything in. I spent almost 4 months backpaking around Europe but wish I could do it over because I was too young and took it all for granted. Do as much as you can! sleep is over-rated anyhow. Can’t wait to hear your stories whenyou get back. BE SAFE. and have fun.

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