Neptune Day

February 12, 2009

We just crossed the equator yesterday. No change in the ocean scenery but we had a big ceremony. People paraded down my hallway in goofy red outfits and tin hats pounding on every door at 8 am. At this time in the morning I am never down to celebrate, so I was pissed. Don’t try calling me a Grinch, this isn’t Christmas.

They told us we had to go upstairs and bow down to Neptune, the ocean god. Apparently it’s tradition that every boat passing the equator has this big ceremony. All the staff was painted green and waved tridents at the invisible line. I had “fish guts” dumped on my head, kissed a barracuda and swam across our 10 ft long pool.

Then everyone started shaving their heads. There were about 20 girls even! I think most of them are regretting it now. Lots of peer pressure and it was easy to get caught up in the moment. I didn’t shave my head but plenty of guys did. We’ll probably get quarantined for looking like a cancer cruise when finally strike land again. As fun as it was, I was happiest to return to my bed and lounge around for my class free day.

Now that we’re in the southern hemisphere I wonder if my toilet water circles in the opposite direction. Maybe I’ll go experiment. Yes, life at sea is so exciting that I am spending time researching my toilet. Only two days until some more thrills with my Namibian Safari.

I hear we are having some real “warm” weather in Iowa, like 50 degrees (haha). Currently the equatorial sun is scorching us with 85 degree heat! Sorry, had to rub it in, hope all is well!


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