India Recap Soon

March 10, 2009

My Family

My Family

At the Mahabahapurim Monuments
At the Mahabahapurim Monuments
River of Trash Near the Slums                                                                                                                                            
So India was the experience of a lifetime. I stayed with a family that went above and beyond what was required. I couldnt be more grateful. I have a test soon so I cant write the blog now.  I experienced the whole spectrum, from extremly rich to extremly poor. I am anxious to write it because so much happened here. The people here are the friendliest ive met in the entire world.

2 Responses to “India Recap Soon”

  1. mom said

    Knew you’d love India. We heard it is a lively country with beautiful people and exotic culture. Keep blogging!

  2. host mom said

    Hi pal,

    I have been keenly watching your blog ,as to what u are going to write. I am very happy that you have been honest and written what u felt.
    Like other countries, it has not only been about food, taxis,your extreme experiences on adventure etc but is is more about culture and human reactions feelings… I ‘m happy that my mother nation has given you that.

    Whatever we have bad or whatever is not given to us ,it’s not going to dampen our spirit of life.
    I hope you have rightly understood that.
    You have been courteous enough ,not to comment too much about the little facilities we had provided to you during your homestay,We are thankful for that.
    We too really enjoyed your stay with us.

    keep blogging..

    With regards
    Host mom Janani venkateswaran.

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