Getting Close to America

May 1, 2009

I just wrapped up my final port in Guatemala. It was a dangerous place and I am happy to have made it out of there alive. It was especially risky because we rode dirt bikes to explore the rural villages. I was shocked to see shotguns and machetes being casually carried around. Even children had them.

I don’t have time now to write my blog because of schoolwork. I have one final remaining and have to write two FDPs (field directed practica). FDPs are school related activities within countries. For example, in my Tropical Ecology Class I can write about hiking through the Thai Jungles. Finals have not been too bad and I think my grades are going to turn out mostly A’s.

Hopefully I will be able to write a blog for Hawaii and Guatemala before I get back. We only have five days left and lots of activities going on so it will be tough. We have finals tomorrow, the Ambassador’s Ball the next day and then preparing for reentry. The Ship just sent us a 5 page email about what we have to do to return. The US will be the most intense customs we’ve seen yet. We must go through and mark everything we have bought and write down its value.

The process of getting off is going to last for 3-4 hours and will be frustrating. It wil be worth it; I’m very much looking forward to returning home. This voyage has been a life altering experience and I will undoubtedly write more about my reflections on the voyage soon. For now though I need to prioritize and work on my remaining schoolwork.


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