Yooo! I am Alec Whitters, a 21 year old student at the University of Iowa. With dental school awaiting me in the fall, I decided to participate in the Spring 2009 Semester at Sea. Its like study abroad on a cruise ship. For the next four months Ill be floating around the globe, with stops in 13 different countries. I will feel  European, African, Asian and Central American dirt under my feet during the next 4 months. Im an adrenaline junkie who likes to live a bit on the edge so im sure ill get myself tangled into some interesting things. This blog will detail my adventures around the world. Check it out.

Elephant riding in Thailand

            UPDATE: I am now a 24 year old dental student. Semester at Sea was the best experience of my life and forever changed who I am. Traveling has become a heroin like addiction. There is no chance of curing me, Semester at Sea got me hooked.  I just got back from a trip in Europe where I hit Dublin, London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Pamplona (running of bulls), Barcelona, Tarragona, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Krakov, Berlin then finally back to the states over five weeks.

         Recently several people mentioned to me they had been reading this site and I noticed there is roughly 15-20 visitors each week still. So, due to popular demand, I am going to try and write a couple new entries about incidents and exploits Ive had in the 17 or so countries I have visited in the 2 years following Semester at Sea. World hold on.

About to tear through some African sand dunes. One of many epic semester at sea experiences.


One Response to “About”

  1. Murph said

    Hey Alec! Happy Birthday! OMG in Barcelona no less! Cosmopolitan city of the world. Patrick & I were there for the Millenium, beautiful city.
    Won’t keep you, just wanted to say Hi and what an adventure of a life time and how fortunate you are.
    be safe, enjoy… Murph

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